Tacoma’s Downtown to Defiance Event 2016 – A Video

Once a year in September, Tacoma, Washington closes the eastbound lanes of 7.5 miles of its lovely waterfront to vehicle traffic so that recreation users can have it to themselves. The event is called Downtown to Defiance.  In addition, the adjacent 5-mile scenic loop of Point Defiance Park is closed to vehicle traffic every weekend until 1pm, and weekdays until 10AM.  A pathway connecting the two is under construction, and in the meantime an on-road connection is available.  So all in all on this day you can do a fabulous 25 mile ride with minimal disturbance from cars. This video depicts the September 11, 2016 event, and  since it was cloudy until noon, also shows how the route can look on a sunny day.  Tacoma has lofty plans to complete bike trails along the route that is simulated by this road closure.  Currently to stay away from cars, cyclists need ride on sidewalks for much of the way,

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